First Stop: Milwaukee, WI

When I started college in Milwaukee a little over a year ago, I was surprised by the styles that the people here were wearing. I thought that since Milwaukee is only about two hours north of Chicago, that the styles and trends would be quite similar, but they were actually quite different.

Living in Wisconsin for about a year now, I have noticed that most Wisconsinites tend to dress a bit more conservatively than Chicagoans. Whether it be in hem length, color schemes, and/or widespread trends.

Even in the Chicago suburbs, the styles and trends that I am used to wearing were a little bit on the edgier side compared to the suburbs of Milwaukee. I think that the nature of fashion and trends here has a great deal to do with the occupations held in the surrounding areas, and the weather. Many families are farming families that live in nearby areas and are maybe less inclined to be interested in the latest trends, much less splurge on new trends. Whereas in Chicago, where the occupations are in a more urban setting, people are willing to go out and shop more to keep up with trends.

When I walk a few blocks away from my parking meter to my internship on Water Street, I see one common trend: layering. Whether it be a woman walking her dog in a pair of yoga pants, a t-shirt, and a pullover sweatshirt, or another woman wearing high waisted jeans with a v-neck and a chunky sweater, she most definitely is layering.

Layering is a good way to stay warm in cold Wisconsin seasons, but it also a way to look fashionable, while staying a bit more on the conservative side of fashion. I have even found myself layering more often when I go out with my friends here than when I am in Chicago.

I will revisit other areas in Wisconsin soon, and I hope to update you as well on any new Milwaukee-specific trends I uncover.

Until then, layer, eat cheese, sleep, repeat.

6 thoughts on “First Stop: Milwaukee, WI

  1. I have lived in Wisconsin all my life…and I am a habitual “layerer”… I assumed this was trendy everywhere, and I am excited to see what other trends you dig up!!!


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  2. Wow, didn’t know how each city would have different styles. I was raised in Wisconsin and yes I do layer myself. I’m excited to read more blogs from you.

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    1. Thanks so much! Yes, it is awesome to find out how many different styles are present in each city. I appreciate you reading my blog! 🙂


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