Mini Stop: A Fun Way to Deal with Finals Stress

The second week of December. Finals week. The week I always wonder how I persevere through, even when I have eaten three packages of ramen, cannot remember the last time I slept more than four hours at a time, and am anxiously waiting to see if my grades are as good as they can be.

My best friend, Carlie, and I needed a moment to destress, so what do we do? Watch Netflix? Eat junk food? Use a facial mask? No. We have an impromptu photo shoot.

Carlie photographed all of these lovely shots. This was a way for both of us to go have fun for thirty minutes, and let go of the constant stress both of us have been dealing with due to work, internships, school, finals, volunteering, the holiday season, and much more.

So, this week, if you and your friend are feeling stressed, grab your phone, camera, or polaroid and go take photos. It does not matter if they look great, bad, or somewhere in between, the purpose is to spend quality time with a friend, have some laughs, and to get your mind off of your stress. Also, you might get some pretty cool photos out of it too!

Here are how some of Carlie’s (Instagram: @carliepageo) photos turned out:


How do you destress during finals week? Please leave a comment down below, and let me know!

Happy studying!

Lots of Love,



Stop 4.75: Hippo Campus Concert Outfit


While I am sitting in my dorm room listening to piano covers and procrastinating to study for finals, I thought I would post an outfit of the night for the Hippo Campus concert I went to on November 19th at Turner Hall in Downtown Milwaukee.

If you have not listened to Hippo Campus, you should definitely check them out. I had never heard of them before this past August when I attended Lollapalooza. They were the second show I saw on Thursday, right after Declan McKenna. They definitely have a great vibe to their sound and have easily became a part of many of my playlists. They are also a Midwest band based out of Minneapolis.

Here is the link to their Spotify if you care to give them a listen: Hippo Campus


My favorite songs of theirs include:

  • Vines
  • South
  • Violet
  • Buttercup

Now onto the outfit:

  • Denim Levi Jacket – (stolen from my tata)
  • Black Long Sleeve Shirt – BP Nordstrom
  • Lipstick – Rouge Dior in Rose Harper
  • Green Skirt – from a shop in Ireland (stolen from my best friend Carlie)
  • Gold Hoop Earrings – BP Nordstrom
  • Black Scarf – H&M (stolen from my mama)
  • Black Tights – Meijer’s
  • Small Beaded Purse – (stolen from my mama)
  • Black Booties – Urban Outfitters

Watch out for more outfits of the day starting in 2018!

Please share some of your favorite bands and/or jams in the comments below! Would you enjoy playlist posts? Let me know as well!

Happy studying!

Lots of Love,