Stop 4.75: Hippo Campus Concert Outfit


While I am sitting in my dorm room listening to piano covers and procrastinating to study for finals, I thought I would post an outfit of the night for the Hippo Campus concert I went to on November 19th at Turner Hall in Downtown Milwaukee.

If you have not listened to Hippo Campus, you should definitely check them out. I had never heard of them before this past August when I attended Lollapalooza. They were the second show I saw on Thursday, right after Declan McKenna. They definitely have a great vibe to their sound and have easily became a part of many of my playlists. They are also a Midwest band based out of Minneapolis.

Here is the link to their Spotify if you care to give them a listen: Hippo Campus


My favorite songs of theirs include:

  • Vines
  • South
  • Violet
  • Buttercup

Now onto the outfit:

  • Denim Levi Jacket – (stolen from my tata)
  • Black Long Sleeve Shirt – BP Nordstrom
  • Lipstick – Rouge Dior in Rose Harper
  • Green Skirt – from a shop in Ireland (stolen from my best friend Carlie)
  • Gold Hoop Earrings – BP Nordstrom
  • Black Scarf – H&M (stolen from my mama)
  • Black Tights – Meijer’s
  • Small Beaded Purse – (stolen from my mama)
  • Black Booties – Urban Outfitters

Watch out for more outfits of the day starting in 2018!

Please share some of your favorite bands and/or jams in the comments below! Would you enjoy playlist posts? Let me know as well!

Happy studying!

Lots of Love,